11 Dec 2013

And Then A Photo Op….

I woke up yesterday morning, as, indeed, I did today, which, in itself at my age, is cause for some small measure of celebration, completed my morning ablutions, partook of my daily cholesterol booster, commonly referred to as a full English breakfast for a family of four, then put the TV on. It didn’t  fit any better than it did yesterday so I removed it, dressed in something more appropriate and turned on the TV  to see if they had any different news to that of the radio which was all about some dead guy.

Sadly they didn’t. It was just the same, with pictures, a wall-to-wall Mandelaramafest. They think they can beat me? Really? Not a chance. A click of the remote and away we go. Sponge Bob was being broadcast as normal.

Back briefly to the dead guys party to ask what’s with this deal of taking photographs of yourself then? I’m sorry, I just can’t bring myself to use that ghastly word ‘selfie’. Damn!! Did I just type ‘selfie’? Let me check. Damn, I did, in fact right after I said I couldn’t use the ghastly ‘selfie’ word I done did and done did type it twice! Wot? Three times now? Damn!!

Anyhoo, don’t our leaders just, like, sooo look the part? I mean, how totally awesome must it have been sitting there with all those, like, celebs an’ such? I gather everyone who has ever had, presently has or really wants power was in that song singing throng. And who did the BBC find to talk to amongst that host o’ folk? The bloody Blair Witch. 

Do you think this photo pretty well sums up what a desperately sad state of affairs the whole place is in?  {Check the Comments below the photo.} It don’t look like Backfoot O’barmy’s old lady’s overly thrilled with the concept of the selfie all the same, do it? {Damn!! There’s ‘selfie’ again. Oh, man! Again!!}

Could it get any worse or cringe-worthy?  Sure could. How about some selfies of ‘em tucked up in their onesies?  I feel ill now.

Quote;  Jarod Kintz.

“I remember I laughed so hard I cried. But my response was half appropriate, because I was at a funeral. ”


A K Haart said...

"Do you think this photo pretty well sums up what a desperately sad state of affairs the whole place is in?"

Yes I do. I bet the floor is covered in popcorn.

Mac said...

And now they say the sign language guy wasn't actually signing at all but just waving at the cameras......