9 Dec 2013

And Then, I see A Small Grey KA….

I see some psychic’s been in a bit of a stramash of a car crash. What can you say? Most surprised he didn’t see that one coming…..

I also note, without falling over backwards in amazement, that a very old man who passed away late last week is still most definitely and properly passed away despite repeated attempts, by the BBC and other media outlets, at reportage resuscitation.

MPs may get an 11% pay hike and the airwaves have been full to bursting with the poor dears whining and crying about how unfair this is as ‘hardworking families’ are having to make-do and they have no choice but to take the money as a big committee did it and ran away.

Is there a pop-up, ‘We Feel Your Pain’, Web page out there that we can go to so we can express our grief?

How about this then. Just hire one multilinguist, okay his nationality isn’t that important as long as he can speak a bunch of languages as is now needed in the UK, pay him a goodly wedge, call him a Prime Minister and make him responsible for ensuring the latest EU/Brussels dictates are transmitted to the entire populace in a timely manner to ensure rapid implementation. That’d work. And be cheaper. And all we really need.

Quote;  H. L. Mencken.

“There are two kinds of Europeans: The smart ones, and those who stayed behind.”

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