30 Nov 2013

And Then It Comes A Creeping….

Music first, it being Sun.. Saturday an’ all; let this rip through your swede while you venture through the words below then come back, play it again and sing along why don’t ya?

Remember Dave declaring a victory when those internet service provider lookin’ fellows agreed to introduce family friendly filters that would block web sites wot contained inappropriate stuff? Remember most folk thought, ‘that’s a good idea, but…’ but Dave said something to the effect that that was all he wanted – nothing else - and those who where declaring that this was just the non-thick edge of a wedge with a limitlessly thick edge elsewhere where being paranoid?  And who be us to doubt such a nice, sincere young chap. Guess wot; read this.

For those of you who honestly never saw that coming, you see those lights in the distance? They’re not pretty little twinkly lights being readied for Christmas. They’re glued to the front of a really, really big wedge of a locomotive revving up ready to continue ripping remorselessly down the tunnel of totality.

Plain packaging for smokes? No. Yes. No. Possibly. Well, let’s have a study then. Cool. If this do come to pass one of the unintended consequences we can all see, but they can’t, will result in those of us wishing to visit the continent having to fly as all the ferries will be constantly fully booked, wall-to-wall, with white vans and their drivers.

The good news? We’re getting a one-off £12 electrickery rebate. I’m guessing this’ll be one of those, ‘….for hard working families as I feel your pain’ moments. So now we know what we’re worth – a one-off £12 rebate. A crumb thrown to all of us who sit below the salt. You reckon that’s a vote winner Dave? I reckon you need to get out more as I doubt you’d recognise a ‘hard working family’ if you found one in your soup.

However, on the other side of the world and possibly going to get closer…

Quote;  George Orwell.

“If you can feel that staying human is worth while, even when it can't have any result whatever, you've beaten them.”

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