15 Nov 2013

And Then An Empty Cupboard….

“I empty kitchen cupboards when you in shower,” My little nest of vipers proudly proclaimed, “to see wot we got and wot we not got.”
”Good.” Seemed a reasonable response. “So, what’s in the cupboards then?”
”Nothing?” I asked nervously.
“I told you; I empty cupboards. Nothing in cupboards. Cupboards empty now.” Was her exasperated retort.
”Right. Stupid ol’ me.  Hay, you find any aspirin in
”Did. Now I done cupboards it look like we got a lot more not got than wot we done got… can take that many aspirin at one go then?”

That was earlier. Below is for later, It being a Friday an’ all.

Not my later you understand. My later kicks in about eight as I’m of an age that if I found myself away from a sofa after eight of an evening I’d probably have a panic attack.

It made me smile all the same……

Quote;  Thomas Hardy.

“All her shining keys will be took from her, and her cupboards opened, and things a' didn't wish seen, anybody will see; and her little wishes and ways will all be as nothing.”

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