17 Nov 2013

And Then, What If….

The more you drink in the news the more you wonder what that chap, Mr George Orwell, would make of it all.

Pretend he wasn’t around back then but was new on the block right now. He looks about himself, as we do, but he, unlike us, decides to write a dystopian novel of the future as he perceives it could be.

He cloisters himself in his study and, after choosing the title ‘2054’, carefully crafts the first two chapters. Having completed these chapters he carefully checks for errors, applies corrections as needed and, well pleased with initial progress, puts them to bed and takes a break.

With drink in hand and feet up by the fire he twiddles with the TV remote and takes in the evening news. Part-way through the news Mr Orwell mutters, “Damn!”, leaves the comfort of the fireside for the cool regions of his recently vacated study, takes the first two chapters, prepares back to the fireside, tears the pages up and throws them on the fire. “Oh boy! What’s the point?” He opines, “It’s impossible to keep up with these bloody people - never mind get ahead of ‘em. What to do. Guess I’ll have to get down to Tesco’s tomorrow and see if that camera operators job’s still open.”

In other recent news, I see the political parties have deleted their respective histories prior to 2010. That’ll work. However, they can’t hide the Chilcot Enquiry into that war thingy can they?  What? They can?  Bet none of you saw that one coming then.

And if you really didn’t see it thundering down the line, reflect on this; how spooky is it that Mr Orwell is the pen name for - you know don’t you? Yup, Mr Blair.

Quote;  Golda Meir.

“One cannot and must not try to erase the past merely because it does not fit the present.”

             John Perry Barlow.

“The Internet treats censorship as a malfunction and routes around it.”

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