19 Oct 2013

And Then Lots Of Celebs….

I’m way behind the curve again, but, on the off chance you haven’t, please spare a little time to take in a video the good Captain is screening just now. 

Off topic, but of interest, it’s nice to see one of those pesky oil outfits fighting back.

After that I checked in with Mr Haart. His post relating to celebrities got me thinking. Got me thinking? No small feat in itself Sir. Congratulations.

I also have no idea what makes a celebrity. Film star? Check. Popular author? Check. Superb athlete? Check. Celebrity? My WordWeb defines it thus; The state of being well-known and much spoken about; the quality of being famous.
I have my doubts regarding that definition. Or I live on a different planet to that on which some folk became well-known and much spoken about and thus a celebrity.

Of an evening, as her indoors remotely controls her way round the wondrous world of TV entertainment, there’s something that, over time, I’ve become more and more aware of. For just about every TV show there seems to be a ‘celebrities’ version. If one of those programs is airing and I lift my head from the screen on my lap to the TV screen I note that there isn’t a face or a name I’ve ever seen or heard of before, but all are deemed to be celebrities.

From cooking with celebrities to dancing with celebrities to selling celebrities junk to celebrity versions of all the popular{?} quiz shows.

And the winner for me is that top show for repetitiveness, Pointless. I’ve written of repetitive TV before and at the risk of repeating myself, you’ll find it here. Yes, Celebrity Pointless. It do occur to me that with the careful, cunningly cleaver rearrangement of the words in the title you’d end up with a more appropriate, multi-useable  title.

On reflection, having been a football player and getting my photo in the local paper, knowing what I know now, when, many years later, I was in the same paper for riding a bicycle with a pal, on the pavement, without lights, at two in the morning, intoxicated, instead of pleading guilty and paying the two pound fine, I should’ve put it down to celebrity high jinx, “I’m an ex footballer who’s been in the newspaper don’t ya know!” and walked out of court, wearing a smile, a slick suit and shades into a media frenzy. Who knows? I may have ended up with a spot on Celebrity Pointless.

Quote;  Steve Martin.

“A celebrity is any well-known TV or movie star who looks like he spends more than two hours working on his hair.”


A K Haart said...

Thanks for the link.

"I note that there isn’t a face or a name I’ve ever seen or heard of before, but all are deemed to be celebrities."

Same here, but that's a healthy immunity coming along nicely.

Mac said...

My pleasure. "Healthy immunity" -love it and it sure works for me.