17 Oct 2013

And Then Up She Goes….

So another energy provider has announced another eye watering rise in the price of gas and electrickery. I remember that scallywag David Cameron, back a ways, proudly boasting that both him and his lot were going to be the greenest government ever. I mean ever! What I don’t remember, or missed, was the bit about the green bit was just for summer but blue would be your winter colour.

Both young Dave and his simple sidekick, Crazy Davey, were most helpful today by telling us all how disappointed they were at this news, but, hay just switch, right? And mind your head on that windmill. Boys, boys, boys, you used that line just a week ago when that other outfit put their prices up. I wonder how many poor folk took your advice back then, jumped through several fiery hoops, just to end up in another world of grief.

Dave, Crazy, it’s obvious that this is all part of a cunning plan to ‘nudge’ us towards using less energy but we’d all appreciate a little - oh, what’s that word you lot don’t understand; got it! honesty, and be told up-front. Why don’t you come completely clean and just throw the switch and close the valve for domestic users from ten to midday every week day and have done with it?

I’d invest in a log burner but this drum has no chimneys and all chimney breasts have been removed. The gas fire is one of they straight through the wall balanced flue jobbies. Hay!! Wait a minute!! I could get a burning log effect gas fir…….. Oh. That won’t help will it?

I just have the one question for you Dave and you Crazy; what colour’s the sky in your world?

Quote;  Thomas A. Edison.

“We will make electricity so cheap that only the rich will burn candles.”

             Jane Brox.

“Soon now, the faint tinkling of a broken filament will become another sound of another century.”

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