10 Oct 2013

And Then I Got Mail….

This morning I awoke with a start. Now this isn't the first time I've woken with a start and probably not the last. What puzzles me is where these pesky starts come from. By the time you've realised a start has, at some time during the night, clambered beneath the bed covers, they've scampered off and away back into hiding – in the walls along with the Borrowers perchance?

After this close encounter of the start kind, I gathered up my wits, which were scattered all over the pillow, and wondered why I'd woken at all. Ah ha!! I know what it woz!!  I'd heard a sound – for that's what you do with sound – you hear it - the sound of letters falling to the mat. Who could be sending me mail at this time of the morning then? Only one way to find out, right?

With this finding out idea in mind, I jumped out of bed with gay abandon: Abandon got up at this time as he had to get off to work.
Oh, come on, gimme a break!! That 'gay abandon' thing's a joke. A play on words. I'll repeat that - that 'gay abandon' thing's a joke.

The mail? Remember the bank, not the horsey one, the other one, said they'd send us two letters? Remember they didn't and we did a do-it-yourself bank transfer jobby? Guess what. We done got two letters from the bank, not the horsey one, the other one.

Remember I was told the first letter would be a letter and the second letter would be a letter containing a contact phone number to call to start the transfer procedure? And I was all of a wonder, at the time, as to what could possibly be in the first letter? I obviously now know and was not altogether surprised to find that both letters where identical in absolutely every respect. Even to a totally pointless pre-paid return envelope.

The final kicker? The phone number contained in both letters, to call to start their transfer procedures, was the self same phone number I was originally given by the bank which I called to start their transfer procedures resulting in the sending of two identical letters with a phone number to call……………… Works for me. But then again, I'm nuts, as indeed, it seems, are they.

Abandon's off to work, start's hiding in the wall and so with my wits randomly re-scattered, I returned to a state of sleep.
The abandon thingy's still a joke, by the way.

This evening will see me parting company with yet another soft-backed best friend as I read the concluding chapters of my current book; may I leave you with this bit from my current soft-backed best friend? Thank you.
"Tell me more about basketball," she said. "I find it almost as fascinating as soil management."

At least I have access to books unlike those poor Greenpeace folk who, it's alleged, can't get access to their mobile phones, special dietary needs and I'm guessing Ivan won't let them have the drugs allegedly found on the boys and girls boat either. Bummer eh? Oh come on. Stop it now. It's not funny……

Quote;  Jarod Kintz.

“I love having a ceiling fan, although sometimes I wish he wouldn't cheer so loud when I'm trying to sleep.”

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