8 Oct 2013

And Then Proof Drillers Are Dirty Rascals….

If you haven't already popped into Bishop Hill then may I humbly suggest you do pop in and check-out the two photographs on offer.

Please compare and contrast the way those environmentalists have left their camp-site at Balcombe after a period of protesting against those environmentally damaging filthy drillers, to the way those environmentally damaging filthy drillers have cleaned up their end.

Those pictures should be on the front page of every newspaper and highlighted on TV - all channels.  Why not? You know what? I'm betting it would've made it into the media if Cuadrilla had left just the merest hint of the suggestion of the possibility of a scrap of litter on their side of the fence, right?

I trust that MP, what's-her-face, Care-a-lot Locust, who was so grinningly proud of what the protesters were, er, protesting about, is just as proud of how her heroes have left their site. Or to put it another way, left some other poor sods site.

Remember all those smiling little boys and girls who were escorted off by Bill?  Any chance of a sentence of a period of Community Service cleaning the mess up then? Pardon? It'd probably be against their what rights now? Oh, right, human rights. Got ya.

Man, where were those pesky Russian police when we needed them?

In further news we are been warned of possible/probable blackouts if we encounter a severe winter. If you follow EUReferendum you'll be aware of the vast number of diesel generator sets sitting eating our money waiting for such a shortfall. Rather than preparing for the lights going out I would suggest investing in a pair of quality ear defenders 'coz when all those suckers fire up it's going to be a tad noisy…. and the little devils are tucked away everywhere.

Quote;  George Carlin.

"Some national parks have long waiting lists for camping reservations. When you have to wait a year to sleep next to a tree, something's wrong."

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