21 Aug 2013

And Then, A Little Late....

The past two posts have related to the protests against gas fracking taking place at a site where they’re conventionally drilling an oil appraisal well and some poor sods offices down the smoke.

What I neglected to point out is a clip, lurking in that ‘Stuff You May Like’ drop-down thingy I went to considerable trouble to construct for me, that’s as old as the hills yet as new as the news.

I’m sure you’ve all seen the clip in question but if you’ve just returned from the dark side of the moon, misjudged your landing and inadvertently crashed through the Foggy Mirror, well, first up, it’s obvious you should’ve gone to Specsavers and secondly, while you’re here.... no, no, that’s okay; I’ll clean up; watch this clip which comes with the merest hint of that ol’ Foggy warning to all Timidadians, that relates to the hoo-ha hydraulic fracturing raised in Canada.

Quote; J. Paul Getty.

"My formula for success?" Rise early. Work late. Strike oil."

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