14 Jul 2013

And Then Windy Diesel....

Yo! Crazy Davey, if you’re up and about this glorious Sunday, please, oh please read the linked articles. In a couple of words - your rumbled pal and, with any luck, the word is going to get bigger and louder. rebuttal ready? Better be a doozy old boy.

The word got out a week ago and I’m sure there’s no need to point you to the news, but I’ll do the pointy thingy anyway so here you go.

Happy now? No? How about MP’s pay then? Try this in The Scotsman then. Little clippy below.

“They have wrecked our economy, subjected us to Eurotyranny, changed our entire demography via enforced mass immigration, all but abolished our armed forces, destroyed marriage, waged war on the family and turned our country into a PC police state. Now they are to be rewarded on a scale that no hard­working breadwinner can imagine. Yet if it hastens the day when the public wreaks vengeance on these persecutors and incompetents it may be no bad thing.”

In other news it seems we have a half million unprocessed guests here. This number is provided by a team of MP’s. Is that the right term? A team of MP’s? Let’s see now, there’s a gaggle of geese...... how about a thicket of MP’s then?

Anyhoo this thicket of MP’s gave us that number so what should us simpletons do with said number? Yup, got it in one. Take the first number they thought of, double it then multiply the result by the first number they thought of. Now it’s getting close to include those who popped in under the radar. Or truck. Or train.

You sense an amnesty in the offing? ‘It’s going to take forty years to make a dent in this never decreasing number so, what the hay, you can stay, okay? Backlog clear, job done - or to use the very cleaver abbreviation, JD - bonus safe, pints of Drambuie shandy all round. Are we good or wot?’

As for the four thousand or so that have been declared naughty and should be deported but are still here, how hard is it to get someone to an airport? Other than Stansted that is. How much cheaper and surer would it be to have a couple of 777’s on charter? Guilty. Deport. Leave court, board prison van, pass-by naughty persons address, collect required family and/or pets so as not to infringe human rights, drive to airport, escort into secure area of plain and bid a fond farewell accompanied by a wavy hanky and a teary eye.

Quote; George Orwell.

“Political language... is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.”

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