15 Jul 2013

And Then A Sad Swim....

It seems there’s been a tragic accident involving a a young lady who was attempting to swim the channel for charity. The news wasn’t too clear on the facts, as usual, but the reported facts seem a little odd.

Seems she was almost at the French coast, got into difficulties and her support vessel called the French police for help. What’s that all about then? Nobody on her support vessel with a certificate for pulling drowning people out of the water? There has to be more to it than that, please, there has to be, and I do wish the media would get a grip of a story before going off half cocked.

Never learned to swim myself despite spending my life on it. That’s the trick - on it. I never had any intention of getting or falling in it.

On a media plus side, they’re being very helpful keeping the population up to speed on how hot it is and that the sun can burn, you should drink water and, if possible, phone a friend. Yup, and all the other information us three year old’s need to get through our days.

Quote; Mark Twain.

“Everyone talks about the weather, but no one does anything about it.”

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