21 Jul 2013

And Then A Whole Different Level....

A day home today as there’s a Level Two cloudy, cool day warning in place for where I be although that may be amended tomorrow back to a Level Three Big Shiny alert. According to the papers we may even get a dod of Level Four rain and flooding in the near future! Terrifying isn’t it?

Where to start? Oh, right, the music. As it may be frighteningly wet next week, and our leaders would seem to want to keep us in a state of constant sorrow, how about The Soggy Bottom Boys?

While we’re talking of sorrow, it was with great sorrow I learned that one of the guys who butchered one of our soldiers has had two teeth knocked out while being restrained, for whatever, in gaol. People, this is no way to treat prisoners of this ilk. So come on boys, we know you can do better than that!! Only two teeth? That’s sad. Only two?

Knowing how this country presently works, what’s the betting the Wardens who did the restraining end up getting stiffer sentences than the butcher....

Quote; Ambrose Bierce.

Barometer, n.: An ingenious instrument which indicates what kind of weather we are having.

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