19 Jul 2013

And Then Two Things....

“Think I’ll just make a new partition on this hear laptop.” I announced to my little nest of vipers by way of impressing her with my IT talents.
“What you talking abow?” She responded with a far away look.
“Never mind. It’s way over your head. It’s very technical.” I smirked.
“You want me to get leceipt leady for going back to shop then?” She smirked back.
"That's 'receipt' and 'ready'." I corrected even more smirkily.

A little while later I had a hefty sized partition. On closer inspection I also found I’d managed to delete the partition that Windows 8 computers come preinstalled with wot holds folders and files required to put him back to kick-off condition in the event of a disaster.

No big deal, I’ll make a new recovery area. ‘Windows cannot perform this task as some required files are missing. Not so IT au fait now are you?’

So there you go. Far from impressing her indoors how technologically savvy I be I had, once again, proved beyond any reasonable doubt that I’m dumber un a bag o’ bricks.

That’s one. The one above. Below, keeping things in a logical order, you’ll find number two of two for today.

This morning I got mail from the laptop folk asking me to return a missed call of yesterday. A courtesy call after the return. I thought, I can do that and that I did.

Please understand that the three folk I spoke to were most cheerful, friendly and very helpful and this is just the observation of an old man.

I’m sure you’re familiar with calling the likes of help lines an’ such but what I noticed this time, as we went through the identification process, was that not once was ‘thank you’ used. In response to my answers to their questions I got a ‘That’s, like, so cool.’ Bunches of ‘Brilliant!’ And a few, ‘Awesome!’ Is that it? Is ‘thank you’ dead in the water?

On the up beat, after explaining to an IT guy my mishap with the recovery thingy, and him explaining that once it’s gone it’s gone, he put me on hold for a few seconds then told me that, in view of my stupi.... careless mistake and the previous mysterious problems, a new USB drive containing the recovery media will be sent to me with their compliments.

How good is that then? To my mind it’s, like, just awesome!

Remember that high tech park we have somewhere down the smoke? Not sure about that.
“The recovery media will be with you in about fifteen days as it’s a specialist task and we have to get it done in Holland.”
Putting files on a thumb drive is special and has to be done Holland?

You may wish to call this number three.

“Can you bore..... I help you with anything else today?”
“Well, while we’re here, how do I stop that USB drive wot’s powered up all the time to charge stuff so’s it’s just a regular USB drive? Do I do it in that Bios dealy-bobby?”
“That you do.”
“Right, I’ll try that tonight. Brilliant.”
“Talk to you tomorrow then.”

Quote; ??

Caller: "I deleted a file from my PC last week and I have just realised that I need it. If I turn my system clock back two weeks will I have my file back again?"


Ripper said...

You've done well Mac, to delete that partition, its usually hidden in the partition software so you can't get at it.

For backup, I would personally recommend EaseUS ToDo Backup. Its free and you make a recovery CD. ToDo takes a snapshot of the entire drive, compresses it and saves it to a single file. You can then reinstall the whole lot to a blank drive in around 4 minutes by booting from the recovery CD.

Mac said...

I don’t know who installs the recovery drive, manufacturer or point of sale, but this beast just had a huge ‘C’ drive and the ‘D’ drive was just the recovery drive. It was while moving some of ‘C’, spookily, using EaseUS Partition Manager, that I obviously pressed ’OK’ a tad too quickly while not paying attention.
In the grand scheme of things I wasn’t too concerned as a restore point has always worked for any problems I’ve run into in the past. Other than the Wlan problem, which eventually ‘self healed’.
As it is, they’re sending me free USB recovery media so I’ll have loads of space to store stuff like.... mmmm, let me think why I need loads of space.
The Nexus 7? I use the stock charger and cable {not long} and the increase in charge ‘speed’ just happened.... Why it should be so much faster while asleep as opposed to off an’ dead, I have no idea. I would assume the opposite should be the case.
So far so good in computer land but I’m sure the next debacle is lurking just over the horizon.
I will check out your suggested backup solution, thanks.