23 Jul 2013

And Then He Casts His Net....

It seems David Chameleon has made a speech regarding a cunning plan which, although it hasn’t got the remotest chance of working as he sees it, is pretty popular sounding and may grab him a couple of votes.

So far so not really thought through though.

Here’s a proper thought Dave. Us out here are betting the stuff you want to ban is already illegal, right? How about putting more resources into catching and punishing the bad guys who produce it and make it available in the first place? Remember, robbing sub-post offices is illegal but you haven’t closed down all the post offices have you? Okay, some, but not all. If one gets robbed we have specialists who do their best to catch the robbers I believe.

Hay, how hard can this be Dave? Why don’t you ask those Prism guys to help catch ‘em? That darn super computer can spy on anyone, anywhere, anytime, right? Right? Well? Right or wot?

People, cast your minds backwards a ways to the start of that anti- smoking campaign. Remember that?
‘All we want is eating areas to be no smoking areas. Honest, that’s all we want and all you sad people who think it’s the start of some big slippery, slidy and unstoppable beast are all so, like, totally nuts. This is a free country, remember? Just eating areas. That’s all we’re asking for.’ Remember that line? Now look where we’re at. And they’re still rolling along and going strong!

So Dave, what’s your real motive for this little move? If this idea of yours gets any traction and a way is found to make it work, where are you going to stop? Hay, you won’t will you, you little rascal? Not for a second.

We should all remember that with computers there are always drop-down menus. As with all drop-down menus, there are usually several sub-menus. Sadly and obviously, in this basically popular drop-down of Dave’s, there will slowly be introduced a vast number of sub-menus that’ll have no relationship to the original menu but will be used to block and stop any and all stuff our masters don’t want us to see or read.

Quote; John Andrew Holmes.

"Speech is conveniently located midway between thought and action, where it often substitutes for both."


Caratacus said...

Spot on, Mac.

I don't know if you've ever noticed, but have a look at Mrs. Cameron's little boy when he thinks no-one's looking at him ... shifty, spiteful and a mind not entirely focused on altruism and common humanity.

My old Kenpo teacher used to say, "It is never wise to expect more of someone than they are capable of giving". In which case, perhaps, we ought to set our sights more than usually low ... ;-)

Mac said...

Thanks for the ‘spot on’ and may I offer you a ‘spot on’ right back for your observation.
You just instinctively know he was the kid at school who sneakily stole other kids cigarette cards so’s his collection would be complete with minimum collecting effort and would never, ever offer anyone a swap.