10 Jul 2013

And Then, Pay Up….

I never learn do I? I tried watching PMQ again today and after five minutes had to turn off as my ears where bleeding again.  It did kick-off with the expected congratulatory words for Mr Murray but, yet again, not a word about the famous Foggy footy medal.  Dave, there’s a team photo here, okay?  No, I'm not the team Captain, but I'm kneeling close to him, as good creeps do.

If you’ve never caught this riveting exchange in the mother of parliaments, try it and you’ll quickly realise why the country’s in such a mess.

Seems those same hooks, crooks and comic singers may well be awarded, or offered, a pay rise tomorrow.  Somewhere in the region of £10,000 a year? How generous of us is that then?  Will they accept or not?  Tell you what, if they turn it down they’re nuts. Come on, who turns down money? On the other hand, should they accept, well, what a bunch of greedy little boys!

Thing is Dave, do you remember that ill advised statement you made a while ago? ‘We’re all in it together.’ Remember? One of your earlier examples of engaging mouth way before brain kicked in. My question is, in light of this pay increase, when was ‘all in it together’ rescinded?  Did I miss that speech? Or is it that, having read you favourite manual, sorry, book again, you’ve decided that it’s absolutely spot on  and we are all equal but some are, indeed, more equal and thus don’t need to be ‘in it’ at all?  Is that it? Cool.

Quote;  George Bernard Shaw.

“A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul.”

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