9 Jul 2013

And Then A Winner….

A tad late, but congratulations to Andy Murray on a great win at Wimbledon. 

Yo!! Dave!!  Mr Murray deserves a knighthood?  You remember that thinking before talking thingy that was mentioned a few posts ago?  Cancel that.  That’s been mentioned ad-nauseam?  Forgotten how to do it again haven’t you? It’s tennis David; a sport; a game. 

Remember how our schools operate now? No winners, no losers, no first, no last, no top, no bottom. All equal, all the same. Remember?  Now a guy wins a tennis match, however good, that’s all it was, a tennis match, and you think he’s deserving of a knighthood?  What kind of message is that sending to  little Jimmy and Jenny then?

I played in a junior school footy team and we won the county cup final, still have medal, but the waiting for my OBE or such, is getting ridiculous…. 

As for a bunch of killers who may get out early as a life sentence for what they were found guilty of breaches their human rights, what can you say? What’s going on here? Is absolutely everyone out there completely nuts except for you and me? No mention of their victims human rights I guess. 

Anyhoo, as you’re all for the glorious EU, how’s them apples for ya Dave?  Right Up there with that Arab Spring dealybob? It all seems to be panning out pretty much as expected by us bubble-less bods.  Who’s gettin’ your guns there then?

Quote;  Elliot Chaze.

“In tennis, the addict moves about a hard rectangle and seeks to ambush a fuzzy ball with a modified snow-shoe.”

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