20 Jun 2013

And Then A Little Follow Up….

As a follow on from the Crazy Davey post – was that only yesterday? may I point you to an entertaining little video?  I may?  Thanks. That I will then.

This is a bit of 'stand-up' from George Carlin so, if you're familiar with George, you'll appreciate it's appropriate to offer up a Foggy naughty word alert.  I'd hate for any Timidadians to click the link and suffer an attack of the vapours, although it'd do them no end of good to listen in. On reflection, possibly not.

Mr Davey, or may I call you Crazy Davey? Yep? Thanks.  May I humbly ask you to spare a few minutes from your busy schedule of insulting voters and go watch the video?  Good man. Pardon? Where's the video? All you have to do….. never mind; get an assistant to fire it up for you.

Did that make you squirm a little Crazy? See how George got his audience cheering?  Can you remember the last time anyone cheered you or your ideas?  Didn't think so. What do you get at your live gigs then?  A little light, polite clapping from the five befuddled folk down front who just popped in to shelter 'till the rain stops?  Thought so.

Bringing up the bottom of the post; what's this about families of soldiers killed in action being able to sue the MOD for wrongful death?  I do hope that poor young drummers family are right up at the front of the line. Other than that, I'm guessing the lawyers will be wetting their pants with excitement over this ruling, especially if this deal's retroactive.
WW1 anyone? 

On the down side, should this go ahead, and the families are awarded large lumps of compensation, who do you think will ultimately be punished?  Correct, It'll be the tax payer. Rather than chase the MOD and us, wouldn't it be a better idea to go after the top folk who issued rubbish orders or the top folk who gave the nod for the purchase and use of inferior kit? Hit them personally. Do that, and all roads may eventually lead to young Tony. Time and fines sounds fine and timely to me.

Quote;  Dave Barry.

"If you asked me to name the three scariest threats facing the human race, I would give the same answer that most people would; nuclear war, global warming and Windows."

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