16 Jun 2013

And Then, Beware Of The Dog….

Mr Camaloon, are you syriaous?  You ‘may’ give guns and, I’m guessing, bullets to some good guys to help them fight some bad guys but you think it’s quite possible some of the good guys may actually be bad guys but you reckon only the really good of the good, possibly bad, guys will get your guns. So for you David, does that make the guys giving guns to the bad guys, bad guys?  Or are they good guys because there maybe some good guys amongst the bad guys? 

Dave; a top tip; there are no good or bad guys over there.  It’s a belief thing. No good, no bad, no winners.

Can’t you see the problem us simple folk can see with this cunning gun plan of yours you scallywag?  No? Well, if these guns and bullets get to the bad guys you thought were good guys but were bad guys all along, they may well be used against us one day because we really are the bad guys. Their bad guys. Wrong belief system so we must be bad. Get it?  Nothing’s going to change that young lad. Remember that thing about a big pool, a small stone and ripples?

Tell you what you little whippersnapper, if you’re up for an alternative idea, let’s see if you can go figure this one: if I had a neighbour who had a bunch of wild dogs out back tearing each other to pieces and about ready to break out, I wouldn’t be opening cans of dog food. First thing I’d be doing is making sure my own fence was in good shape and the gate was locked tight!

David, it’s obvious your school history class hasn’t done ‘The Middle East’ yet. Any chance you can get your teacher to bring it forward a tad?

Anyhoo, the dumb gun plan is your plan, right?  Okay, but before you commit us to one of your ideas, what’s the chance we can have a quick vote?  Shucks, who be dumb now then? 

Quote;  Pentti Linkola.

“The difference between a terrorist and a freedom fighter is a matter of perspective: it all depends on the observer and the verdict of history.”


Ripper said...

*Applause* Brilliant writing, done in your unique way, which always makes it a joy to read.

We should stay well out of other nation's affairs. One day, and I hope it comes soon, Dave will have a shock when he finds out that we are not 'in it together'.

Mac said...

Many thanks for your comment.
'In it together'. And the sad thing is he has a staff to help him write that drivel. As dim as a Toc H lamp springs to mind.