28 May 2013

And Then Three….

There’s a TV advert doing the rounds just now for some sort of TV box.  It starts with a guy who says something close to this; “Isn’t it annoying when your three favourite programs are on at the same time.”  Are there really people out there who have three favourite TV programs at all?  And if so, what’s the chance they’re going to be on at the same time?  Should this happen, however remote the chance, doesn’t everything repeat an hour later anyway?  Careful!!  It’s not a repeat anymore is it?  It’s catch-up. Catch-up, not ketchup. 

Does the possibility of missing a TV program really scare folk into getting a box that’ll, what, record stuff?  No wonder people need shielding from the real world.

Am I pontificating from the perspective of some old guy who has better things to do than watching TV?  Not at all. Of course I watch TV, I’d just find it a stretch to name three programs I’d grace with the term ‘favourite’.

After all that, there is one program I quite enjoy all the same, and some time ago it guided me to the group Gangstagrass, purveyors of blue grass with a twist of gangster rap, remember? 
”Hay!! Foggy!! Go look at myself in the mirror. Now!!”
”I can do that.  Okay, now what?”
”What do I see? Do I see a wrinkled, prune lookin’ old man?”
”That I do.”
”Not a young buck then. And I’m talking about gangster rap?  Am I nuts?  And what’s with that electro swing?  Acid jazz an’ all that other weird stuff I keep digging up then?  Isn’t it time I grew up and started acting my age?”
”Tried that. Didn’t much like it.  Remember, as Jules Renard said,  it’s not how old you are, it’s how you are old.”
Okay, I’m back and almost back in short pants.  The TV show was, of course, Justified. The new series has a trailer with yet another catchy little ditty doodling along. 

If you’ve caught the trailer and the sound has sounded listenable, it’s ‘Come On Home’ by Phillip Roebuck.  It’s not on YouTube but can be listened to at the above link. Mr Roebuck, as you all probably know, is a one man banjo and boom box band and what it says on the site for this music is; mood: aggressive/edgy. Whoa!!  I just thought, catchy bluesy. 

Me, myself and I prefer this YouTube track but if you didn’t like the first track, or you hate banjos with the same passion you hate piano accordions or amateur brass bands on Sunday mornings, there’s a pretty good chance you won’t like that track either.  On the other hand…..

Quote;  Eric Clapton.

“Musically, he was like an old man in a boy's skin.” 

           Denis Waitley.

“I had the blues because I had no shoes until upon the street, I met a man who had no feet.”

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