31 May 2013

And Then A Little Warmth….

This AM Big Shiny put in a showing. Not only did he show, he  actually managed to lift the temperature above twenty degrees of that big ol’ C thingy.

Heartened by a little heat we went for a walk round the town centre.  Just window shopping you understand – comparing pay-day loans and similar.  Nothing much else to do in our town centres is there?  But it’s times like this, a little warmth after a sustained period of cool to cold to freezing, that really cracks her indoors up giving her no end of amusement.  

Why?  Take a look yourself. It seems that at the very first hint, and that’s all it takes, a hint, of the temperature edging fractionally above cool degrees C, the entire indigenous population of these Isles, to a man, woman and child, divest themselves off their outer garments and contentedly cavort around the cities, towns, highways and byways, shopping centres and supermarkets in apparel that’s, in all but name, underwear. 

It’s also apparent, looking at their under-apparel and the acres of flesh thus exposed, that there’s an alarming shortage of mirrors in homes here. Either that or an inability to correctly decipher the mirror image being projected back at ‘em.

Me and my little nest of vipers, or, if you’re picky, my little nest of vipers and I, were ridiculously over-dressed and felt like we were drifting along in the aftermath of a mass-breakout from a large secure unit for the criminally dress-sense insane.

Hay, if they’re happy, I’m happy for ‘em.

Quote;  P. G. Wodehouse.

“There are moments, Jeeves, when one asks oneself, 'Do trousers matter?'"
"The mood will pass, sir.”
            Ambrose Bierce.

Sweater, n. Garment worn by a child when its mother is feeling chilly.”


Trigene Dental said...

A mouth mirror, or dentist’s mirror, is a dental instrument. It is a small mirror that fits into an individual’s mouth and is attached to a prolonged handle.

Mac said...

Nothing to see in my mouth. Or my head come to that.