22 May 2013

And Then A Little Magic….

You fed up to the back teeth with Nexus Do-dad charging experiences yet?  Yes?  Move along then, nothing to read here.

If, however, you’re interested, here’s a tad more. 

The other night I went to turn ol’ 7 off and noted I was down to 17% battery remaining.  Thought I to myself, let’s, which implies more than me, leave him on ‘sleep’ to allow him run down over night and give the battery a battering next day.

Next morning, having drunk coffee so I could see, I woke ol’ 7 up and was surprised that, just sitting all night in a state of snooze, not connected to nuffink, he’d managed to charge up to 29%.  How’d he do that then?  Magic? Or another OS bug?  You decide, if there’s anyone here.

Anyhoo, leaving magic to one side for now, I did find out, after the last post relating to the bendy connector, that the charge speed could be acceptable then, next time, virtually a non event.  Damn! And I thought bendy was the problem.

Later, prior to turning him off for a charge, with him plugged in and mains on, I swiped down, tapped, swiped side-the-ways and arrived at Settings.  A last tap took me to Battery.  Guess wot?  Yes? No? Nobody? It said Charging.  And?  Sadly, it also said Via USB.  So, ol’ droopy not the problem then?

What to do?  Ripped, sorry, gently removed the micro connector and rammed, sorry, eased it back in. Legend changed, as if by more magic, to A/C.  This, to my simple mind, would indicate some truth in the popular belief out there that there’s an Android OS bug that’s yet to be resolved.

I now follow the following charging routine which seems to ensure a good rate of charge;
Mr Nexus on, plug him in to the mains charger, slip into settings to ensure A/C is his choice of charge, if not, in-out-in.  Actually, that should be be out-in as it’s already in, not out, as per the above. Shut him down via the root menu rather than via the on/off switch. Why? No idea. All I can say is, at this time, my charge rate be very good doing the above.

Mr Droopy?  I do try to get the best lay I can.  Just in case.

Quote;  ??

“My Software never has bugs. It just develops random features.”


“Enter any 11-digit prime number to continue……”

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