23 May 2013

And Then The Uniform….

After yesterdays tragedy in Woolwich, all the news coverage today, and Dave’s hand-wringly apologetic speech, really has been terrible with everyone timidly tiptoeing round what we all actually know is going on.  

The ‘best’ line, for me, in the early news, went something like this;
‘Both the attackers are known to the Intelligence Agencies. In fact one of them was stopped from leaving the UK just last year.’ 
So he’s a bad ‘un so we’d better keep him, right?  Now, as simple as I am, wouldn’t you think the better approach by the Intelligence Agencies, if they had any intelligence, would’ve been to let him out, cancel his passport and refuse him re-entry?

Also compare and contrast the news interviews of early today. The EDL** spokesperson, in a hoody of course, understandably angry, interviewed in the dark, with a background of flashing lights, sirens and an ‘angry mob’. The only ingredients missing to complete the intended analogy  where crashing donner and flashing blitzen. Their ‘opponents’, on the other hand, were interviewed in daylight on that leafy street just down the road from where you live.

I’m now waiting for the BBC to link the incident to the recent benefits cuts.

Also on the BBC this morning I think I heard some comment regarding the wearing of uniforms when off duty?  I do believe it would be far more help to the guys and gals, and us, if they were granted permission to carry their weapons, cocked and locked, at all times and told it was perfectly acceptable for them to pop a cap into anybody they felt could be a threat to either themselves, their comrades in arms or their country. 

This simple expedient could well solve quite a few of this country’s problems in a relatively short period of time.

** You see the EDL have been called EDF all over the place today? EDF is a rather big energy provider and I doubt they're interested in what's going on as long as there are still plenty of pockets to be picked.

Quote;  Salman Rushdie.

“How do you defeat terrorism? Don’t be terrorized.”


Anonymous said...

Good post, Foggy. Our pols & the BBC engaged in the usual frantic dance around the unmentionable truth: we have a barbaric, retarded, misogynistic, desert death cult, proliferating in our midst.
Yes, allow the soldiers to carry concealed handguns for their protection, as Woolwich has proved, they are now prime targets. The old RUC permitted their officers to do this in what was a civil war. We are approaching a similar situation in parts of England - thanks to a political class that has swallowed the teachings of the Frankfurt School hook, line & sinker.

Mac said...

Anonymous, Thanks for your comment. Nothing to add as you nip it up nicely.