19 May 2013

And Then A BIG Charge….

Firstly, I’d like to thank Ripper for his help and pointers, via the comments, relating the the slow charging Nexus 7. Thanks for taking the time to add your thoughts.

I decided to run a few experiments relating to this problem.  Please note, these tests were NOT conducted under controlled laboratory conditions, no animals where hurt during these experiments and all results must be considered as inconclusive. I did, however, follow true scientific protocol.  You know the one I mean – Damn!!  That hurt!!  Okay, that didn’t work.  Let’s try this.

As mentioned in the comments, I noticed the micro USB was a tad sloppy when gently{?} rammed home. Even just the weight of the cable laying along a table caused the connection to bend ever so slightly. With this in mind I did an hour charge with the connector droopingly unsupported.  Result? A rather disappointing +/- 8% in an hour. Tablet switched off, not sleeping.

Moving confidently on to phase two, I did a further charge with the cable, right where the micro connector connects, supported so as to give an absolutely ‘straight in’ lay. Result? A rather satisfying +/- 30% in an hour.  Tablet switched off.

I’m guessing this connection sloppiness is just caused by general use as the charging problem became apparent before I did my technical in, out, in, out shake it all about routine, right?

By way of a disclaimer, is this the answer?  I find it hard to believe. All I can say is, at time of typing, if I support the cable to ensure the connection is straight, straight in as straight as a die, I get a good charge rate. If I don’t, and the connector droops a very little, small, minute bit; bummer.  

I’m now contemplating ripping him apart again and seeing if there’s a possibility of nipping the micro port up a tad to offer a little support. In fact I may be able to get access via one of the back plate jigsaw pieces I misplaced… 

Finally, as with all good research, over the next few days I’ll try a few more charge cycles, supported and unsupported, and see what the results are.  I may then apply for a research grant and publish a paper.

Quote;  Dave Barry.

“I’m not the only person who uses his computer mainly for the purpose of diddling with his computer.”

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