6 Apr 2013

And Then It Was Close….

You know that recycle bin thingy that deleted stuff gets put in then you go and send it away for ever?  Look carefully before killing stuff forever.  This salutary tale runs thus;

I woke this morning and could barely open my eyes and when I did force them open focusing wasn’t all that good.  Oh oh, thought I, coming down with something?  Being a tough little fellow, I forced myself upright and, on trembling legs made it downstairs.

While I was struggling to remember how to make coffee, my little nest of vipers came down and completely ignored me.  No ‘How ya doin’?’.  No, ’You forget how to make coffee?  You stupid?’.  Nothing.  Like I wasn’t there.

This state of affairs continued through the day.  Shopping?  Like I didn’t exist.  The lethargy I woke with was also intensifying and all things glued together, I honestly just felt like I didn’t belong anymore.

In the evening I managed to summon up just a little energy and fired up the computer to check the news, but with very little enthusiasm.

That’s when I noticed something in the recycle bin waiting for the final farewell.  For once I looked inside rather than do that right click an’ dump thing.  Upon opening the bin two things became instantly apparent.  First off, probably through a series of incorrect keyboard shortcuts yesterday, it seems I deleted myself. There I was, in the recycle bin for heavens sake!!  

With a few very careful mouse clicks I managed to get reinstalled without further incident.  I knew this had worked as her indoors looked up and said, unenthusiastically, “Oh, there you are.  Wanna eat?” 

Secondly?  I must be spending more time glued to a computer than is altogether healthy.  The third of the two things that became instantly apparent is I possibly need to up my meds.  Again.....

Although seemingly not missed, it’s good to be back and, as they say, comfortable in my own skin.
Queue mellow music.

 Quote;  Mark Twain.

“When we remember we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained.”

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