5 Apr 2013

And Then A Missed Chance….

I’m occasionally surprised at the number of opportunities folk miss that could result in the chance to smile awhile while shopping. 

I do my best as is documented here and there, like here fr’instance.  

Sadly, I have to report that such a golden opportunity fell into the hands of a shopper yesterday but was fumbled, dropped and lost. All was not totally lost as my brain kicked in right quick and I laughed and was rewarded with many strange looks from fellow shoppers.

Yes, I was the lone laugher in a full shop when it could, with better management, have brought a little ray of sunshine into so many folks lives.  And possibly a lot o’ tutting from those Timidadians who truly love to tut at everything that hints of fun.

Man, this’ll be a doozey you’ll be mistakenly thinking. Not really, just a few simple words.  Shall I explain or have you already got bored and moved on? Okay, I’ll record the missed chance for myself then.

We were in a pharmacy for her indoors to buy shampoo, although what’s wrong with washing-up liquid I've no idea, just a woman thing I guess, when the chemist came out from the drug dispensing area to the counter clutching a small bag and called out, “Mrs {insert any name} - pain killers!” It’s good to let everyone know what everyone’s collecting eh?
At this a guy stepped forward, said, “Thanks.  Pain killers. They’re for my wife.” took the proffered bag and left.

Can you see the missed opportunity there?  You spot it yet? Thought you would but for those that haven’t, here you go. Let’s replay;

“Mrs {Insert name as above} - pain killers!”
“Thanks.  Pain killers. They’re for my wife. Boy, she's a pain. You sure these’ll work?”

By the way Mr Chemist Customer, I do hope your wife’s okay.  Good.  Glad to hear it.

Quote;  Voltaire.

“The art of medicine consists in amusing the patient while nature cures the disease.”

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