22 Mar 2013

And Then Step Back….

First up this Friday, for all you folk heading out to take advantage of current beer prices before they slash it by a penny, here's a truly classic rendering of an all time classic originating from a classic era. 
Enjoy that? Remember that?  Did it take you back?  Way back?  Ready for the next one then?  Carry on………

In light of the carry on in Cyprus, vizzy-vizz, we're going to help ourselves to your money, no we're not, well, maybe we will then, and the scary notion that nothing's safe anymore and anybody, anywhere could wake one morning and, BANG!! find their bank accounts have been 'cyprused', which could be that straw that breaks stuff, I pondered what to do next.

Having done a preliminary ponder and not arriving at any immediate or practical solution, I went in search of solace at YouTube and this cheery musical monologue from Carson Robinson, who's  vocal rendition perfectly conveys how I, and I'm sure many more, feel these dreary days, just appeared as if by magic, and a search, under my little pointy arrow looking cursor.  

Worry not, it'll make you smile.  The song, not the pointy cursor.  A cursor's a cursor, right?

Quote;  Edward Abbey.

"When the biggest, richest, glassiest buildings in town are the banks, you know that town's in trouble."


"It is a wise man who lives with money in the bank, it is a fool who dies that way."

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