21 Mar 2013

And Then, Let’s Have A Beer….

Enjoy the budget?  Riveted to your TV or wireless, sorry, radio all day?  Didn’t think so.

But wait!  Wow!!  A treat for drinkers, well, beer drinkers.

In a stunning move to revitalise the ailing, pun, hospitality industry and reverse the mass closings of pubs, George wass-is-name has slashed, pun, the price of beer!!

It’s hoped that this price cutting will be too great a temptation for all those smokers, who were ejected to smoke in the weather and decided not to frequent pubs again, and despite the continued discomfort, will return to the good ol’ pub in droves. 

This move, it’s also hoped, will create a stampede of folk eager to snap up one of the, what, six thousand? empty, rapidly becoming derelict, pubs to cash in on the expected beer fest bonanza and boom in trade this price slashing will encourage.

Georgie Porgie has, at a stroke, and much to the delight of the hospitality industries simple minded spokes persons, slashed the price of beer by, by a penny a pint.  A penny.  A penny a pint.

A newspaper put this stunning price slashing into perspective with the line, ‘Buy 300 Get One Free.’

These people really need to give their collective, thick as a brick,  heads a good shake.

Quote;  Emo Phillips.

“I was at a bar nursing a beer. My nipple was getting quite soggy.”

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