18 Mar 2013

And Then Some Help....

Remember the old scam?  Here it is revised as a lovely comment, on the scary topic of Cypriot bank robbery, from sircomepect on that nice Mr. Hannan’s Blog cut an’ pasted, without shame, below. Okay, a little shame. Definitely more shame than a banker or politician could ever muster;

Welcome Friend!

I am a wealthy saver in Cyprus who finds himself in the position of needed to move 100,000 Euros urgently from my Bank Account to a placed of safety!
Can you my Fiend help I?

If you can send my your bank details by email urgently I can transfer my money to your account most immediately!!

In return I offer you a 20% of my monies in payment! IS this a good deal or not my friend!?

Remember to include your sort code and full bank details plus any passwords connected with your account to smooth the transition of my money transfer!

Yours in hope and kindness
Mario Dra.. erm.. friend
European Central Bank

Quote; Bertolt Brecht.

“It is easier to rob by setting up a bank than by holding up a bank clerk.”

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