16 Mar 2013

And Then A Little Quieter….

After last nights sensory assault, something a little smoother for Saturday evening.  Say what now?  You're down the pub?  ....something a little smoother for Sunday evening.

It's so different to the last offering, when you click an' go, you may be tempted to remark to yourself, "Wow, this is so different to the last offering!!" 

Although it's a smoothy it still requires some words of caution; while playing this, don't close your eyes or you may drift away and start to believe you're in an elevator. 

Secondly, an age caution; be careful your heart doesn't attempt to join in with the beat or you may wake up in intensive care - or an elevator on its way to intensive care.  With a tube up your nose.  At best.....

Finally, if xylophones, normal or electrical, scare you or just make your teeth curl - skip to the quote and quit.

Quote;  Sam Levenson.

"If you die in an elevator, be sure to push the Up button."

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