23 Feb 2013

And Then Some Shovelling....

Firstly, a daily, and possibly getting unbearably boring, back up-date; I do believe we’ve cracked it!! Whoa!! Is that a pretty poor pun or wot? Is it even a pun? Anyhoo, you’ll get my drift. We be good.
{Note to self; check if the Bone Bender’s up for adoption. If not, send her indoors on a bone bending course.}
{Further note to self; give head a jolly good shake.}

Along with the link to The Incredible String Band the other day, came this link via The Grumpologist, now linked along the left, in the comments. Thank you Sir for the ‘Smoke Shovelling song’

As soon as I read the title I remembered it like it was only yesterday and dashed off to YouTube to get at it. You know what? As soon as the track started playing, never mind how well I remembered the title, I realised I’d never heard it before in my life. How weird is that then? The strange workings of our brains eh? My apologies; the strange workings of my brain eh?

Just imagine what’s to be found if you could take a voyage of discovery through the rear storage area of your brain.

Let’s be absolutely honest, it wouldn’t be a voyage of any great length through mine. No need for a packed lunch. From the in-use, occasionally, front bit to the dusty, musty, fusty rear storage area would be just a little hop or small step, dependent on the state of your back at the time. It be full but very little seems available for instant call-out. As time advances it’s become apparent that everything in the recycle bin needs a trigger before it’ll pop up.

Here’s an example; I can smell coffee. Smells good. Now I remember!! I like coffee!! I do believe I’ll have some. Hay, how do you make the damn stuff? Please refer to the Best Joke{?} down the bottom of this screen. Well, not this screen - your screen.

Quote; Tennessee Williams.

“Life is all memory, except for the one present moment that goes by you so quickly you hardly catch it going.”


Woodsy42 said...

No need to thank me,I didn't create it, they did.
Odd isn't it how so much of the 60s era muusic had a quite different meanings then - when often heard through a haze of chemical enhancement.
There were a lot of strange people around in those days.

Mac said...

I wasn't very clear was I? I did mean thanks for the link.
Back in the day? Strange folk but mainly harmless. Today? Still plenty of strange folk around my friend - but they seem to be taking 'strange' to a whole new level. Just look at Westminster.......

Woodsy42 said...

I meant for the link. As it happens I met up some years ago with a chap who (mis)spent his youth as a roadie for ISB and other Joe Boyd bands - hearing some stories he should have written a book! - but that's as close as I got.
I understand one of the girls who later played with ISB became a mayoress (Lab) somewhere in Wales. I'm not sure how that fits the narrative but certainly the strangeness then was much more innocent and positive, as you suggest mostly harmless compared to the money grubbing greediness of nowadays.

Mac said...

Here you go;
In 1994 Rose Simpson, a former member of the band, became Lady Mayoress of Aberystwyth.