26 Feb 2013

And Then, Reflection….

Easy one this; who can we trust?  Going on the news these past few days, for sure no one in any sort of authority.  What a sad, sad country.  World.

Poor old Emperor Cleggigular with his  no I didn’t.  Oh that, well, yes, I did.  I did but only a little bit.  I did and I was about to get very cross but went to bed instead.  I’m jolly cross again and we’re {and I quote Cleggy} “…..going to get to the bottom of the truth.”  Is that how it sounded in your head Nicky?  …going to get to the bottom of the truth?  No?  Didn’t think so buddy. 

Hay, let’s have a couple of inquiries.  That’ll kill time, then, later, much later, as with the BBC, we’ll publish and make public a fantastically full, fair and excessively redacted, all but impossible to read report.  As with all report rewards,  “And the blame goes to…..”  you’re kidding right?

Yo David, you’re going to do what now?  Restrict the benefits new entrants to the UK can claim?  You bad boy!!  You just wait ‘till your EU handlers hear what you’ve been saying!!  No tea for you again tonight I’ll wager.
There really wasn’t any need to say what you said anyway was there?  Other than by-election blathering.  You’re going to shut down a bunch of power stations imminently so who’d want to come here just to sit in the dark ‘till they freeze to death?  Never mind mass incoming, you may want to consider closing the boarders to mass outgoing young lad.  You don’t want to be here on your own.  In the dark.  Cold.  Cold anyway.  Seems you’ve always been in the dark regarding grown-up stuff so there’ll be no change there.

The church guy?  “Fair cop – I quit as the boss o’ this bit of the church.  Oh, almost forgot, sorry.”  Head guy?  How can that be?  I must admit I always thought the head guy hid in the sky.  Tell you what, if there is a head guy in the sky, then verily, he must, by now, be contemplating some serious smiting. 

These guys really do need to get simpler hobbies.

Staying with him and the Pope, bu-by Pope by the way, remember those unreliable facts from last year?  Remember this one?
Chapter 56 verses 87–201 of The Corinthian Letters, bear an uncanny resemblance to the instructions for assembling an IKEA pine double wardrobe. I just remembered this one;
Religious scholars in Canterbury have discovered that Jesus invented custard.

Quote;  ??

“Never trust a man in a wheelchair with dirty shoes.”

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