28 Feb 2013

And Then A dilemma....

Poor old Cleggigular. Too many dids over the past few days don’t ya think. You dug deep enough yet?

“Did I know? No, I didn’t know did I? What? I did know? I didn’t say I didn’t know though did I? Please tell me I said I did and not I didn’t. I did say I didn’t? I really didn’t think I did. Damn, I did didn’t I? How daft can you get. What to do.

Well, I think I did know a little bit but not a lot so I didn’t mean I didn’t know diddly at all did I? The bit I did know was just that some old dude may, or may not, have diddled with some dames doodads although I didn’t know any facts and didn’t ask as it’s just not done in polite society.

Can I go to Eastleigh now? Are we going on the train? Can I sit facing the front then? That’d be, like, awesome!”

Quote; George Orwell.

“Liberal: a power worshipper without power.”

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