22 Feb 2013

And Then A Little Hedgehog….

I'm delighted to report the return of mobility and, if you occasionally suffer back problems, may I humbly recommend a visit to a Chiropractic person, if you haven't already. 

While I was glued to the sofa over the past few days I did that ol' YouTube browsing thingy some evenings and, by chance, ran into this gem from back-a-ways.  If you also remember The Incredible String Band, well, gettin' old aint ya?

I remember enjoying this track but after doing the clicky on a few others, I also remembered they where a tad too far 'out there' for me.  This track's from the album  'The 5000 Spirits Or The Layers Of The Onion.' Says it all really, about being 'out there'. 

Looks like Dave's gone and got himself  a little too far out there as well.  Yo Dave, are they coming like they promised you they would?  Are they really coming this time David?  Dave?  You  in there Dave? Hello?  Oh dear. In that case strange star gazing fellow, who are you and what have you done with our bestest ever pal David Chameleon?
The title of the song is also a reminded of how we all feel from time to time – that we're just treated like yet another squashed hedgehog on life's busy highway.

Quote;  Hunter S. Thompson.
"I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence or insanity to anyone, but they've always worked for me."

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Woodsy42 said...

Preferred 'smoke shovelling song' myself, but then I always was a cynic