18 Feb 2013

And Then Bendy Two....

For interested parties may I humbly report on visit two to the Bone Bender.

I did forget to mention that the lower back bit of the problem was miraculously sorted after the first visit. The leg problem has sadly, and painfully, persisted. Hay, this is a guy in a shop-front, not Lourdes, right?

The bone Bender informs me that the area of my back possibly trapping leg nerves is extremely tight with virtually no flexibility and requires rotating, stretching, bending and beating back into flexibility to, hopefully, release pressure on the nervy bits.

Apparently, in my ignorance, something I’ve been doing wrong is putting a hot water bottle on the effected areas. Although this treatment is a blessing in comfort and the feeling of wellbeing, basically, I was slow cooking, drying and hardening up the area. I know any fellow sufferers out there will be far brighter than I, but just in case, use ice packs, not hot packs.

I’m now the proud owner of a gel ice pack you just throw in the deep freeze and put on the pain point periodically when practical. Yeah, I know, it’s pretty obvious when you stop and think about it. Something I’ve always had a problem with.

Bone Benders advice on ‘hot’ cream rubs? If you’ve got ‘em use ‘em but, in his opinion, they don’t penetrate deep enough to get at the root causes.

Medications? I’ll ask him next time. Next time? Could/should be the last time assuming the back area loosens up and regains flexibility. We’ll see will we knot?

A top Chiropractic tip; Short story long; the Bone Bender, on day one, asked where I carried my wallet. I was reluctant to answer as, at the time, my body was tied in a tight knot and I had the full weight of a Bone Bender, possibly a hungry Bone Bender, on my lower back.

After giving my head a shake and confirming this was indeed real life and not a TV thriller wherein I would relent to pressure, tell him where my money was, feel it slip away and then get one last all mighty bang in the back, I threw caution to the wind and told him, hip pocket. Don’t, was his immediate response. If you have lower back problems, any items, however small, kept in a back pocket, will cause an upwards reaction, when sitting, towards the bendy bits of your lower back.

Bendy Boy emphasised ‘however small’ when I suggested my wallet shouldn’t be a problem as it’s always empty and thus thinner than a strippers thong.

Long story short; if you have periodic back pain, keep your hip pockets empty. I apologise if that’s obvious, again, to all but me. Please remember this is me and it’s not only my leg that’s number-an’-dumber-un-a-stick.

Finally, a Foggy top tip; don’t ever, EVER search Google for health symptoms you’ve had or you’ll quickly discover you’ve been dead these past twenty years and really are a bit player in ‘The Others’.

Quote; Earl Wilson.

“You may not be able to read a doctor's handwriting and prescription, but you'll notice his bills are neatly typewritten.”

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