16 Feb 2013

And Then It Popped Out....

No, I didn’t pop out again and forget to pop back in, although my absence over the last few days is, in fact, down to popping. What popped was my back. Although, as previously stated, not uncommon for me and my back, this one was what can only be described as a beauty.

The beauty bit was that as my spine started to remember the line all those little bits of bone an’ stuff should be in, it went and trapped a nerve which rendered my right leg numb. Numb, but agony to put weight on. Numb but painful?  Come on Mother Nature, one or the other, eh? 
This numb pain made moving in an upright position really, really painful and If you’re like me, a biped, an old biped, you’ll understand the the impracticality of getting around utilising that ol' one legged hopping manoeuver.

Despite the many years I’ve let nature take its course with my back, with the leg thingy thrown in this time I decided to find the help of one of those body manipulator lookin’ folk and so hopped into town to find such.

After a false start during which, to save embarrassment, I got my toe nails clipped at the chiropodists, I did find a chiropractic person. If I was one of the latter I’d be tempted to call myself a ‘Bone Bender’ to save confusion although it’s quite possibly only me wot would get it wrong.

After that visit, it’s a measure of my recovery that I’m typing this as, up to this time, I’ve just been sitting on the sofa, sulking, brushing aside the occasional tear with no wish to do anything at all other than sit on the sofa, sulk, and brush aside the occasional tear with no wish to type at all. 
The occasional tear was, of course, for effect and to ensure I was waited on, hand and foot, by her indoors. Long story short? Gettin’ there with another visit to the Bone Bender on Monday. Manoeuvrability improving but please don’t tell her indoors as this waited on, hand and foot, is jolly nice.....

Quote;  Charlie Chaplin.

"To truly laugh, you must be able to take your pain and play with it."


Caratacus said...

My dear chap, you have my every sympathy. I speak as a fellow martyr and pleasant it most certainly ain't.

I've tried everything over the years and the only tried and trusted method that works for me is: 75mg Voltarol (time-released diclofenac sodium) morning and night, together with 100mg Tramadol when needed - up to three times a day. The quacks are getting a bit sniffy about diclofenac of late (doubtless under the instructions of their pharma group masters..) but you can still buy it over the counter in Spain for about three or four euros a box.

Hope that helps.

Mac said...

Thank you very big my friend. I'll see what results from the Bone Bender visit tomorrow but, trust me, careful note has been taken of your 'method'.
Assuming the Voltarol you mention is those little pill looking thingies, I've taken them in the past - plus, this time, tried their rub-on stuff.
I can get around, but resemble a very old hunch-backed Hobbit. First steps out of bed seem to be the killers....
There will be an update post post bone bender.