6 Feb 2013

And Then It Blows Wrong Again....

SUBROSA has some nice photographs of windmills. Hurrah for the array I say. Seems that pesky wind’s been blowing at the wrong speed again. Will it never learn? Her indoors asked how much electricity they where currently generating and contributing to the grid. Well, what she actually said was, “How they make erectikity like that then?”

Indeed, how do they design these beasts? CAD For Dummies and the first ten cells of a spreadsheet?

As for Dave and that marriage thingy, what can you say? Me? Nothing to say other than how much it says about our government and what they think of us, which was all summed up by wot Dave said on the TV. You catch it? To paraphrase - “I do understand that many people are against the idea, and I respect that, but I think it’s the right thing......” See? That ol’ ‘I think’ thing again. Just say it like it is Dave, ‘I know a lot of people are against it but my EU handlers and I think it’s the bees knees, so that’s it.’ What are you and your handlers thinking’s best for us next Dave? The next ‘I think’ about ready?

On the upside there was a full house, millions of air-time hours spent on it so it’s reassuring to know there’s nothing more important needing their attention. On the downside, I’m probably wrong.

From way back in time, in the immortal words of ‘Diamond Eyes’ McGregor, said, I stress, in jest, “Get it up ya while you’re young Dave, ‘cause naebody likes an auld poof.”

Quote; Mila Kunis.

“So many people put so much emphasis on what they do that they lose sight of who they are. They fight for something that is so meaningless and frivolous. My whole career could go poof tomorrow and you might never hear of me again.”

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