18 Dec 2012

And Then, Let's Swing….

While quietly clicking my way through YouTube last night, as you do, I happened to stumble upon the clips below and thought, "I like that.  I'll share this."  Thus they're there, down below.  If they appeal to you, and you do that 'click through' thingy, you could well be hooked for a week and quite possibly miss Christmas.

I've never come across this type, or, if you're posh, genre** of music before but, as they're wont to say, 'It works on so many levels.'  Does it?  No idea, but it works on my level, which, I must admit, isn't particularly high or sophisticated.
**You have no idea how many shots I had at that word before the spell checker could take a stab at it.

Older visitors may enjoy certain aspects of these clips and younger visitors may enjoy certain aspects of these clips.  See?  Got you all covered.  On the other hand a whole hell of a lot of you won't even try the first click.  Let me tell all you non-clickers, you're gonna miss out because if it's as cold, grey, damp and miserable where you be as it be where I be, then these will automatically lift your spirits.  Sadly, liquid spirits will still require manual lifting.  However, if your furniture starts moving about of its own volition, well, that's a whole different spirit story and I suggest you Tweet the Pope for guidance.

Here we go.  Two examples of electric swing.  Say what now?  Electric swing?  You have gotta be kidding me…  Let's try it. Bring it on!!  {Bring it on?  Is that right?  Is that what they say?}

To hold with tradition, I've left my personal favourite of the two 'till last.  You've gotta love the bass player by the way.  Anyway, it  wouldn't be Christmas without Ol' Bing would it?  Even if he is on the downbeat.  Go Bing, go!!  {Go Bing, go!!  Is that right? Is that what they say?}

Quote;  Ginger Rogers. 

“I do everything the man does, only backwards and in high heels!”


Highland Cooncil said...

My engaging YouTube channel for your delight........


Mac said...

Thanks - I'll view with interest.