10 Sep 2012

And Then, A Little Painting….

The title is possibly a tad misleading. This has nothing to do with finding a lost masterpiece in the attic and even less to do with me knocking out a pretty little watercolour.

It has everything to do with the sun shining for a little longer than fifteen minutes and no rain so me venturing outside and getting a little outside house painting done.

I'm more than happy to report it's done. While it was advancing towards the magic 'done' state, I chanced to catch the attention of a good ol' rag-and-bone man, or tatter, and so offloaded the exercise bike to him. Anyone not of this country, if your interested, this will enlighten you to what a rag-and-bone man is.

Surprisingly, this exercise bike has seen little to even less than little use. As someone once said, "I get all the exercise I need walking to and from the car." Why did we buy it in the first place? That's just one of life's little mysteries. Possibly purchased in a rash moment of high blood pressure.

There you have it; three sunny days and all kinds of stuff done.

And lastly, the quote below is in relation to The Filthy Engineers post regarding Health & Safety. Yes it's late but, hay, I've been outside painting, remember? Up a ladder, without supervision or any of the possibly required paperwork. To put your tortured minds at rest, I did do a rigorous 'Risk Assessment' prior to ladder work, which went something like this; me to her, "You sure you don't mind doing that bit? That high bit? The high bit that you'll have to lean right out from the very top of the ladder to reach? Great!! Let's go then!!"

In case you hadn't noticed, I survived. As did her of the high, leany bits.

Note; I must stress, yet again, that the ladder and the little nest of vipers bit is a joke. Leaning was minimal and brief.

Quote; Michael Crichton.

"The current near-hysterical preoccupation with safety is at best a waste of resources and a crimp on the human spirit, and at worst, an invitation to totalitarianism."


The Filthy Engineer said...

Good God man. Haven't you studied the "working at height directive". You're not supposed to go above six feet from the ground without having done the appropriate course. Also was she wearing a safety harness, suitable protective clothing, safety glasses, and full face respirator?

Mac said...

She’s done the course - she did the front of the house last year.
Protective clothing? ‘T’ shirt and shorts count? Sun glasses? No? Too late now!! Regarding the respirator;