14 Sep 2012

And Then, More Outdoors….

My apologies for not posting here, but the weather insisted I make good some outdoors stuff before winter knocks me indoors with her icy fist. It's coming don't you know.

Think now, back at the beginning of this post I started off with 'My apologies…' kind of suggests I believe there've been people patiently, or otherwise, waiting for a Foggy post. This is very presumptuous of Foggy is it not? My apologies are probably aimed at me and myself as a form of excuse for being too lazy to write, right?

Now I'm here, I realise I have nothing to say. Wouldn't matter if I had anything to say, you wouldn't here me so I'll write the fact I have nothing to say or write. Is this writing or typing? I have nothing to say, write or type then.

See? It stopped after the last full stop. But, and there's always a but;

I'm now typing again, typing a question for the Forehead of Doom. Remember that Arab Spring thing you joined Obumble-along with? What did it cost us? All the money in the world we haven't got? Putting our young people at further risk in the hope you'd get a few new best friends? How ya getting on with all those new best pals you made back then, now then? Working out all right for ya Dave?

Seems picking people to 'help' 'couse you think they'll become your bestest ever pals is something else you and the boys and girls of the Lower Sixth haven't got a clue about. Not doing history in the Lower Sixth then?

Other 'news'? Well, further to the furore over Royal Photos, I remembered I'd copied a photo, from the web-a-net, of a prominent member of our Royal Family, naked. I was thinking of sticking it on eBay but decided against in the best interests of common decency. Anyway, looking at the picture, there's absolutely no way you can tell I was naked when I copied the photo. Haaaaay. What's that red dot on my shirt front?

Have a nice weekend. Drink up and go home.

Quote; George Carlin.

"One good reason to only maintain a small circle of friends is that three out of four murders are committed by people who know the victim."

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