9 Jul 2012

And Then, A Close Call….

That's Wimbledon over then. Some great tennis again. And Andy Murray? Close. But tell me, why should he feel the need to cry? It's his job is it not? After doing his job pretty well, coming in second, getting what, half a million for an afternoon doing something he's good at and enjoys, he has a good cry? Again, it's his job right? Gimme a break. Ol' Bobby Diamond didn't cry on camera did he?

As in most things there are two sides; a downside and an upside. The downside, Andy Murray came second. The upside? it was a close call, but we've been spared.

Spared? Listen; from the first day of Wimbledon, nay, a long time before that, I've, possibly you to, been deluged in a relentless pouring of media Murray slurry. It's continuing yet! But imagine, just for a moment, what the media would be subjecting us to if he'd won.

Can you imagine? At the top of every hour a replay of the last game. Every fifteen minutes, a replay of the last four shots. Every half hour, a replay of the last set, every early morning and evening, the whole game. Any media time left would be given over to analysing every, and I mean every, shot, every slip and slide, every facial expression. This would go on day after day after day after day after week after month.

"Hay, drop the miners rioting in Spain and show the last game, again, in very slow motion. Have we shown the whole game backwards yet? With backwards subtitles? No? Tomorrow evening then."

And how long before the calls started rolling for him to be awarded an OBE, CBE, DBE, GBE, KBE, MBE, a VD and Scar or, let's get right to it, a Knighthood? No, come on, a Sainthood?

Then the honorary doctorates at various universities? The freedom of most cities? A wax do-dad in Madam thingies? A complimentary Tesco store card?

The documentary. The docudrama. The book. The film of the book. The book of the film.

See what I mean? After today, and all we're really getting today is his last missed shot, the other guy falling down and trying to get his fists into his mouth and the crying bit, it'll pretty much be over. Thankfully.

And what next for Mr Murray? Lessons in nose breathing? One more shot at it next year then drop the tennis and just concentrate on being a bore for a while? Then into politics?

Quote; Bill Cosby.

"The serve was invented so that the net could play."

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