23 Jul 2012

And Then A Bit O' Radio Speak….

Congratulations to that bike riding guy, Bradley Wiggins, for winning the Tour de France. After all that time sitting on one of those saddles I'd think it's probably Bradley Wiggles by now. Well done.

More sadderer, our cricketers aint doing too well at the moment. This reminded me of a tale regarding that most famous of cricketers, W. G. Grace.

Allegedly, he was playing a benefit match, came to the wicket and was, surprisingly, clean bowled first ball.
"Out!" called the umpire without hesitation but a little trepidation.

Grace walked over to the umpire and said, quietly, "Sir, these people have come here today to watch me bat, they have not come to watch you umpire, therefore, I am not out." and walked back to the crease to continue his innings.

Lastly, a little 'radio speak' picked up this morning while driving.

"….. I don't think he'd prepared sufficiently enough." I believe 'enough' would've sufficed. Throwing in 'sufficiently' was just showing off and very confusing for his listeners. Possibly.

"It's a warm, hot sunny day." Could've covered it better with a little rainy, snowy, windy, foggy you reckon?

"Movies 24 summer premiers. Part of the summer premier season on Movies 24." Got it? You all clear on that one?

Quote; Frank Muir.

"I am to cricket what Dame Sybil Thorndike is to non-ferrous welding."

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