25 Jul 2012

And Then, Another Little Gem….

My little nest of vipers does enjoy watching darts on TV. At the moment darts is being shown on TV. As a result of this she's watching darts. On TV.

I, on the other hand, don't go for darts so sit on the sofa, ear buds in, head buried in the laptop trying to keep up with the various announcements from various members of the Lower Sixth. Announcements that have obviously missed that all important part, "Pass words through brain before allowing to leave mouth." Now that's entertainment!!

I did, however, while giving my head a brief break from ear bud noise, catch this line of commentary.

"This is a huge dart in the concept of the game." Any idea? It lost me, although it do have a ring to it.

See what you can miss if you don't watch TV.

"You've just been watching the queue for the Olympic ladies football. These people queuing won't get in. Well, they will get in, but much later." Seems people haven't obeyed orders to be there two and a half hours before kick-off for security checks. Two and a half hours……

Never mind; head buds back in and I'm off to California. Man, that's mellow.

Quote; Sid Waddell.

"There's only one word for that - magic darts!"

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