17 May 2012

And Then That Ol' Cotton Wool….

No, not the copious amounts crammed into my mouth by the dentist, the other, which I've mentioned before.

Here's a recap.

Many years ago the BBC evening news almost always ended with, "And finally…." a short, light-hearted story relating to the Royal family or some obscure member thereof. This led to one commentator of the time referring to these stories as the soothing cotton wool on the bottom of the news.

It's changed.

While watching the news yesterday, relating to the EU and Euro melt down, slow-motion train crash, or, as they are now calling it, Eurogeddon, the news ticker along the bottom of the screen suddenly, silently screamed, BREAKING NEWS. Whoa!! Here we go then. Has Greece declared war on everyone? Are ALL the banks empty? Has that nice Mr Cammakaze said something stupid? Again? What could it be?

You know what the BREAKING NEWS, shouted silently in big letters was? Seems a footy player has been dropped from the England squad for Euro 2012. Is that sad or wot? So, seems footy is the new soothing cotton wool on the bottom of the news.

Quote; Alistair Cooke.

"Hollywood grew to be the most flourishing factory of popular mythology since the Greeks."

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