19 May 2012

And Then, Same Again….

This may be boring but, I'll wager, not as boring as the media hyper ventilating over the Olympic flame!! Man, what's it going to be like when folk actually start running, jumping, skipping, throwing and sulking??

Anyhoo, remember what I said happened a while ago with the seagull? 'Course you do. Just about the same happened again today.

So there was a bunch of little bird looking things eating stuff in the garden. Up on the roof of a house at the back sat a silent crow, wings neatly tucked in.

About the time I noticed the crow, I notice a big black cat slithering, as only cats and snakes can, along the back wall of the garden with eyes only for the little chirpy, eating birds.

Bet you know what happened next. 'Sright, the crow, who was obviously taking care of the little guys, comes down and sits on the wall, about two feet in front of the slithering cat, with his, or her, I wasn't that close, wings spread out flappily, crowing loudly and making threatening gestures with his/her very pointy beak.

The cat spat but started retreating in a slitheringly, backwards direction along the wall. The crow, from what I could see and here, kept up the threat of attack for at least two gardens before returning, making a couple of low passes over our garden and resuming his/her position on the roof.

The little guys in the never once let up on their eating, chirping and burping.

Is that good or wot? I've probably got the whole wrong take on what happened, 'couse, as I've said many times before, it's not often I'm right and I'm probably wrong again although that's exactly what I saw.

Quote; P. J. O'Rourke.

"Never wear anything that panics the cat."

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