2 May 2012

And Then, She Be Coming Back….

My little nest of vipers will be returning in a couple of days so I have stuff to do.

When us boyss are alone and have an indoors project to do, it's a joy to use a room as an indoor workshop right? Sadly, for me, this slowly spread, over the course of the project, to encompass the whole house. In fact my workshop, and I use the term 'workshop' in its loosest term, was in better order than any room in the drum. Probably 'couse the contents of said workshop had been de-canted into said drum.

Unfortunately, coupled with me being summoned to far, far, far away for a week, time has quick silvered away and I'm now in a bit of a rush mode regarding down rigging all the workshops in the house and doing a little light cleaning. All right, doing some major deep cleaning. And let me tell y'll, that tile adhesive and silicone looking stuff? It managed to find its way below every single object in every room. The one saving grace? All wood floors, no carpets. Man, that'd be a disaster.

I guess it's also reasonable to assume she'll expect there to be something edible in the house as well. That'll mean shopping. Better start a list. Rice, chilli, fish heads, chilli, chicken feet, chilli, any small dead animals found on the road, chilli, rice, chilli. Suddenly, time's getting to be just a little bit left.

This wot's below? Just a track I ran into while looking for something completely different. Any parallels that could be drawn between the lyrics and her indoors coming home are purely coincidental. Mostly. Hay, I'm kidding, okay? Mostly…

Quote; Emma Bombeck.

"My theory on housework is, if an item doesn't multiply, smell, catch fire, or block the refrigerator door, let it be. No one else cares. Why should you?"

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