5 May 2012

And Then, The Return….

She be back.

She wanted me to meet her at the airport at 21:30 despite me assuring her, on the phone, that there would be a bus early the following morning. What can you do?

After the usual greeting performance, and as we walked to the ATM to make multiple withdrawals so's to pay the car park, she asked if I'd noticed anything different about her. This always starts little alarm bells ringing doesn't it?

"You've got a new hair style." I responded confidently.
"New dress?" I enquired hesitantly.
"Hay, got it!! New shoes!" I shouted assuredly.
"Sorry, you got me beat." I blurted.
"I'm wearing a gas mask." she mumbled muffuldly.
"Oh, right." I replied feebly, with a feeling of foreboding.

{With thanks to the late, great Tommy Cooper.}

Quote; W. C. Fields.

“The nation needs to return to the colonial way of life, when a wife was judged by the amount of wood she could split.”

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