29 Apr 2012

And Then Back To The Rain….

Hello you. I'm back. Posting was zero while I was over there as, for what ever reason, jet lag really hurt this trip. That, coupled with a dod of flue and I really wasn't firing on anywhere near all my allotted cylinders. Sorry.

On the flight back I found myself sitting next to a very attractive Dutch lady who, owing to that classic over booking phenomenon, found herself sitting next to me in poor class rather than on her own in posh class. {We're told the World is broke. All the money has gone. So why, and how come, are the airports getting ever more busy? Why are all flights full to the gunwales and over booked?}

Through the course of the evening it transpired she was an executive with a multinational bank. An executive of what in the bank went right over my head as I was progressing nicely through the wine and scotch menu at that point.

This lucky, for me, change in seating arrangements presented a golden opportunity to indulge with many leading, searching and probing questions relating to the inside workings of a multinational bank thus providing material for many posts.

Sadly, having happily meandered my way through the scotch and wine menu and being in the process of ordering my fifth cognac as she uttered the '…work for a bank' stuff, my inquisitive and rapier like response to this stunning information was limited to, "Oh yea? Cool. Hay, wanna brandy?"

Never mind. It made the twelve hour flight bearable. A charming lady with a great sense of humour. Trust me, this you need to sit next to me for twelve hours.

As I write this, she is probably recounting to her friends the unbearable twelve hours she had to spend in poor class sitting, cramped, next to a loony. With, I hope, the smiling addendum, "Although he did have a great sense of humour."

How important was she in the banking world? No idea, but quite possibly 'up there' as she was invited to the flight deck for the landing in Schiphol. What with all the security stuff an' all, you just don't see that happen anymore.

Quote; John Dillinger.

"All my life I wanted to be a bank robber. Carry a gun and wear a mask. Now that it's happened I guess I'm just about the best bank robber they ever had. And I sure am happy."

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