19 Apr 2012

And Then You Just Gotta Laugh….

Is it just me, or does everybody see the UK descending into total – sorry, descending yet further into total farce?

Pasties, petrol, pensions and now some foreign guy, wassis name, Abracadabra, who seems to be spot welded here. Learning that our leaders can't work a calendar didn't come as any great surprise and sure didn't have me falling over backwards in amazement, by the way.

I'm leaving for far, far, far away again this weekend. See? Dead easy to get rid of me. I usually ask you all to take care of the place while I'm gone. This time, please have at it large as I'd like to come back to a revolution. What shall we call it? Does this work? That Little Island In The North Sea Spring.

However, there is a little light on that far horizon. The chance of shale gas and, today, this joyous news. Oh, you beauty.

And lastly – a little hillbilly hip-hop, innit. Should that be a little hillbilly rap? Don't sound as good do it? Does it matter? Okay, a little hillbilly hip-hop rip an' rap. Cool? Anyhoo, a little WHAT?? You have got to be kidding me. Well, I'll be… it seems to work. Even for this old guy. Go on, stick with it, it really do work.

Quote; ??

"This government's about as sharp as a cue ball."

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