7 Apr 2012

And Then There Was Silicone….

A day, and a tad into tomorrow, of applying silicone. How come something so useful creates such a damn awful mess? That stuff gets into/onto bits I didn't even know were bits. And that's just into/onto bits of me.

Choosing a tube of silicone has become slightly more complicated over the years with tubes for every conceivable use and place. Although, other than colour, it's, what, silicone, right? What they need to come up with is easy clean-up silicone.

You know that bit on the tube that says to wet your finger to smooth the stuff? That's cool, but please remember to wipe your finger between smooth's and licks. I found the downside to not doing this, over a dramatically short period of time, is to glue your mouth up. Could there possibly be an upside? That there is. The upside is really, really white teeth.

Quote; Tim Vine.

"I was reading a book, 'The History of Glue.' - I couldn't put it down."

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